Monday, August 9, 2010

A Prayer

I sit here inside my own head

Once again Lord – am I dead?

I think I’m just lost and

It feel like I have a

Hardening heart

Say it isn’t so

Take my hand, don’t let me go

Don’t give up- I’ll follow thru

I need some guidance but

I know Lord – I can do it

With You – You’re

Always here – I can’t

Seem to feel it as of

Late but that doesn’t

Make it true

I’ve lived my life

With you right by

My side

Sometimes I run ahead

And get lost in time

But you are my shepherd

You watch me rest my head

At night

Please God – stay by my side

I know there’s a purpose

Inside my life – just

Help me hold on

You are my strength when

I need to be strong

Hold my hand, I’m holding on.

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