Monday, August 9, 2010

Not a Friend

Life just isn’t something that fits the description of fair
Especially when you come from a background of poverty and despair.
It’d be easier with a pretty face or if life had a button called delete or

When I was little home was never my favorite place. I needed an escape.
I needed to be able to run away. I had to find the strength through the bruises
To pull through, the beatings I endured were no mistake.

I kept my head held high in school. I never let strangers in to see what I was going through.
Counselors, doctors, cops, and DHS finally broke through and that’s when they took me away.
Took me away from you.

We’ll call you by your name so everyone knows it’s never ok
If domestic abuse comes to play, you shouldn’t stick around. He’s not there to be your friend, he’s not.
He’s not there to play at all.

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