Monday, August 9, 2010

Ha Fuck it all up!

Sexually & Physically abused
Mentally amused
Sittin’ here lookin’ at or rememberin’ you…
If I’m smilin’ – you better worry
Wonder and start askin’ why
Cause it means I’m comin’ for your ass
Worse than karma, bad lucky charms, or
The skeletons in the fuckin’ closet
I make Friday the 13th look like
Your birthday- I’ll take away
Everything you love and say “fuck it all”
I have nothing to lose, makes me the
Most dangerous motherfucker you ever met.
I can be your worst enemy or you
Soul mate just let me get this Vicodin
In me we’ll see what today is gonna
Bring for your ass. 9-11 wasn’t anything
We didn’t deserve, what about
All the lives we’ve taken in the past?
Oh, it happened to the U.S. – now we’re sad,
Now it’s a tragedy – another fucking Columbine.
Where were the “parents” at? Thank you Mr. President.
For all the pills I pop – yo I’ll take more real soon,
To all the people I offend, yeah, fuck you too…
Do I miss my past… yeah… but I
Still don’t give a fuck, yall can
Kiss my ass.

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