Monday, August 9, 2010

Background Noise

Near the cross fade of my dream
You stand – looking back at me
Reflections of memories are
In your eyes, staring into
Mine leaving me soulless

Brinking away from the dark
Leaving, drifting into the
Dawn that possesses
Life and captures time

Peace moves across the
Night sky the lights
Shatter emptiness leaving
The shrapnel to cease
Digging us deeper inside

Piecing ourselves back
What we may never be
Looking past what our
Eyes captured and left

Understanding the unknown
Whispering life into nothings
Grasping few and swallowing
Letting go, falling down – stop –
-Hiding behind the shade-

Disappearing into the space
Left by the breathes before
Somber peacefully as we fade
Cascading into the depths

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